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For each course, addition of menu is also available bespoke.
Minami-Chita wishing for Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay,
It is a rich fish farm with landing.
Please enjoy fresh seafood as much as you want.
  • sashimi (Price including tax)

    Live sea bream 11,000 yen
    Hirame lively 13,200 yen
    Japanese Spiny Lobster sashimi 8,800 yen
    Large bowl of prawns    Backordered
    Abalone sashimi 6,600 yen
  • Baking/Boiled/Lifting (Price including tax)

    Chita Beef grilled on ceramic plate 4,180 yen
    Brutally grilled abalone 6,600 yen
    Thai salt kamayaki 11,000 yen
    Boiled octopus, backordered
    Large fried shrimp 1,760 yen
    Ise red miso soup (morning only) 330 yen
    Chita Beef shabu-shabu
    1 person hotpot 3,300 yen

    Kids' Meal ¥ 4,500
    Breakfast, 1,500 yen
  • Fugu cuisine (limited time only):(November to end of March)(Price including tax)

    Tessa 1 plate 1 serving No settings   (Weekdays Only)
    Tessa 1 plate 1.5 servings 3,300 yen(Weekdays Only)
    Tessa 1 plate 2 servings 4,400 yen
    Fried blowfish 2,750 yen
    Shirakoyaki 2,750 yen
    Hirezake 1,045 yen
  • celebration and service (Price including tax)

    If you get lost on anniversary ...
     Birthday Customers whose birthday falls on the same day or the next day
       Complimentary mini bottle of wine (ID required)
     Bouquets from 3,850 yen
     Cakes (size 4) from 3,146 yen
     60th birthday 5-piece set rental service

    In the case of a celebratory event, we will decorate the celebratory boat with the included boat platter.
     However, this is not included separately.
  • 【Child price  Children kids lunch】

    ★ Middle school students:The same price as adults - same dish

    ★ Elementary school-aged children:Adult rate 70% of each course 1 night 2 meals Dinner, seafood children's kaiseki cuisine

    ★ 3 years and over Elementary school student:1 night 2 meals 5,500 yen Dinner is Isohama Lunch children

    ★ option:

    ● Admission fee = 2 years old and over 2,000 yen

    ● Dinner only = 4,500 yen(Admission fee included · Kids' meal)

    ● Futon only = 4,000 yen(Including admission fee)

    ● Breakfast only = 1,500 yen
  •   【Banquet  Banquet  All-you-can-drink】

    【Inside the banquet 2 hour drink all course】

    ★ 8 or more adults +3,300 yen(Tax included)

    ★ Beer /Japanese sake/ Shouchu (distilled spirit) / All-you-can-drink soft drinks!
       (However, excluding whisky, cold drinks and wine.)

  • 【 Second meeting place  Karaoke lounge 】

    Karaoke lounge reservation system

    Location Adjacent to the lobby on the first floor

    Time from 20:00 to 23:00

    Fee ¥2,200 Tax included(90 minutes including 1 drink Seating fee includes karaoke and charm)
        ¥3,850 Tax included(120 minutes with free drinks With karaoke with seating karaoke)
                However(Beer,cold sake,Wine,Excludes non-alcoholic beer)
If you get lost on anniversary ...