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For each course, addition of menu is also available bespoke.
Minami-Chita wishing for Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay,
It is a rich fish farm with landing.
Please enjoy fresh seafood as much as you want.
  • sashimi, (Tax included rate)

    Birth creation of sea bream ¥ 10,000
    flounder, Living construction 12,000 yen
    Japanese Spiny Lobster sashimi 8,000 yen
    Truelle Prairie tickets 10 tentees 8,000 yen
    abalone, Sashimi 6,000 yen
  • Baking/Boiled/Lifting, (Tax included rate)

    Chita Beef pottery grill 3,800 yen
    abalone, Cruel burning 6,000 yen
    Thai salt pot grilling ¥ 10,000
    octopus, Maru boiling 4,000 yen
    Large prawn fried 1,600 yen
    Ise red miso soup (morning only) 300 yen
    Chita Beef shabu-shabu
    One-pot hot pot 3,000 yen

    Kids' Meal ¥ 4,500
    Breakfast, 1,500 yen
  • Fugu dish(Limited time period: From November to the end of March)(Tax included rate)

    Tatari, 2,000 yen per dish (weekdays only)
    Tata, one dish 1.5 servings 3,000 yen (weekdays only)
    Tatari, one dish 2 people 4,000 yen
    Fugu deep-fried 2,500 yen
    Shirako Yaki 2,500 yen
    Shark's sake 950 yen
  • Celebration and service, (tax included fee)

    If you get lost on anniversary ...

    Only for wine staying days anniversary
    One person as one person service
    (Except for class party such as year-old celebration)
    From bouquet 3,500 yen
    Cake (No. 4 size) from 2,600 yen
    Billing 5 points set Lending service
If you get lost on anniversary ...