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For each course, addition of menu is also available bespoke.
Minami-Chita wishing for Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay,
It is a rich fish farm with landing.
Please enjoy fresh seafood as much as you want.
  • sashimi, (Excluding tax)

    Birth creation of sea bream ¥ 10,000
    flounder, Living construction 12,000 yen
    Japanese Spiny Lobster sashimi 8,000 yen
    Truelle Prairie tickets 10 tentees 8,000 yen
    abalone, Sashimi 6,000 yen
  • Baking/Boiled/Lifting, (Excluding tax)

    Chita Beef pottery grill 3,800 yen
    abalone, Cruel burning 6,000 yen
    Thai salt pot grilling ¥ 10,000
    octopus, Maru boiling 4,000 yen
    Large prawn fried 1,600 yen
    Ise red miso soup (morning only) 300 yen
    Chita Beef shabu-shabu
    One-pot hot pot 3,000 yen

    Kids' Meal ¥ 4,500
    Breakfast, 1,500 yen
  • Fugu dish(Limited Time Only: November to end of March) (Excluding tax)

    Tatari, 2,000 yen per dish (weekdays only)
    Tata, one dish 1.5 servings 3,000 yen (weekdays only)
    Tatari, one dish 2 people 4,000 yen
    Fugu deep-fried 2,500 yen
    Shirako Yaki 2,500 yen
    Shark's sake 950 yen
  • Celebration and service, (Excluding tax)

    If you get lost on anniversary ...

    Mini wine
    One person as one person service
    (Except for class party such as year-old celebration)
    From bouquet 3,500 yen
    Cake (No. 4 size) from 2,600 yen
    Billing 5 points set Lending service
  • 【Child price  Children kids lunch】

    ★ Middle school students:The same price as adults - same dish

    ★ Elementary school-aged children:Adult rate 70% of each course 1 night 2 meals Dinner, seafood children's kaiseki cuisine

    ★ 3 years and over Elementary school student:1 night 2 meals 5,500 yen Dinner is Isohama Lunch children

    ★ option:

    ● Admission fee = 2 years old and over 2,000 yen

    ● Dinner only = 4,500 yen(Admission fee included · Kids' meal)

    ● Futon only = 4,000 yen(Including admission fee)

    ● Breakfast only = 1,500 yen
  •   【Banquet  Banquet  All-you-can-drink】

    【Inside the banquet 2 hour drink all course】

    ★ 8 adults or more +3,000 yen(Tax excluded)

    ★ beer /  Shochu / All you can drink soft drinks!
       (Excluding cold sake, whiskey and wine)

  • 【 Second meeting place  Karaoke lounge 】

    Karaoke lounge reservation system

    Location Adjacent to the lobby on the first floor

    Time from 20:00 to 11:00

    Price ¥ 2000 Tax Excluded(90 minutes with 1 drink, with charm with karaoke)
        ¥ 3500 Tax Excluded(120 minutes with free drinks With karaoke with seating karaoke)
                    However(beer,cold sake,Wine,Excluding non-alcoholic beer)
If you get lost on anniversary ...